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In 2014, I teamed up with fellow actor Drew Waters to form our production company, Argentum Entertainment.  Our goal is to create projects that focus solely on good storytelling.  In doing so, we believe firmly in removing what we see as the "flaws" that affect a story. These flaws can be anything from a lack of quality in the production, writing or acting; to the use of gratuitous objectionable content that serves as a distraction from the development of a narrative.  Although much of my acting work to date has been in faith-based films, Argentum Entertainment is seeking to broaden the scope of our audience through films that can appeal to a wide range of people.  I hope to continue to be involved in faith-based film, I have a deep love for them and for the messages they contain as they are also a reflection of my personal beliefs. My desire is to impact the world through entertainment by providing high-quality storeis that touch the heart, reflect the human spirit and hopefully begin an honest dialogue among all people.